[postgis-users] Questions about the right uploading of raster data

Giannis Giakoumidakis ggiakoumidakis at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 18 04:45:03 PDT 2011

I have one "rid" column and one "rast" column but only with one row, 1 - 0. So i guess the upload wasn't correct, right? I tried the command you said but no error messages. I use OSGeo4W console and i have installed through this the GDAL 1.8.1-1. Sometimes i get a message saying: gdalinfo.exe - System Error "The program can't start because MSVCR90.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem". I reinstalled osgeo4w but nothing changed. Maybe that's the problem? I should start installing dlls manually? Any other way to install gdal 1.8 without OSGeo4W in Windows 7 exists?

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> What i get in my database is a new table with the name of my image with no
> data inside (only "1" in rid serial) and a row at the raster_columns with all data
> of the uploaded image except the nodata_values. 

You should have one "rid" column and one "rast" column. And since you loaded using the -k option you should have many rows in the "katrina" table.

If this is not what you get I would suggest to replace the raster2pgsql.py  -o option with a pipe like this:

raster2pgsql.py -r /path/to/katrina.tif -t katrina -l 1 -k 64x64 -s 4326 -I -M > Katrina.sql

to see more error message.

> I tried to import them with -n but it doesn't work with raster2pgsql.py. I connect to my database with QGIS
> 1.7.1 through WTKRaster plugin and what i get is no geometry and no data at all
> in the raster table (as expected) and the raster_columns
 appears as a polygon
> with the right coordinates but with no texture inside (only one color polygon).

Before trying to display in QGIS make sure the raster was loaded properly...

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