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Did you see the email Leo had posted


The reverse_gecoder packaged with PostGIS  2.0 Tiger 2010 does output the
city names.

As Dan pointed out -- you need to join with the faces to get that.  Faces
also helps for determining which side of street a point falls in.

-- I've reposted Leo's email for completeness

Please let us know if anything is unclear.


--- LEO's email ---
Actually we implemented a reverse geocoding function too for tiger 2010.
That might be more what you are looking for.
The function usage is described here:
As far as installing the functions.  A lot fo the functions have
dependencies on other functions withing tiger schema.  
If you download the latest PostGIS 2.0 tar ball, that might be the easiest
way to get started. 
 There is a create_geocode.sh/bat scripts that install all the functions in
the extras\tiger_geocoder\tiger_2010
  folder and a README which I think is more or less up to date detailing
installation etc.

 -- END Email

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Hi Rene,

The edges also include TFIDL and TFIDR fields. These are the foreign keys
that identify the topological faces on the left- and right-side of an edge.
If you combine this with the attribute data of the TIGER FACE layers (the
topological faces), you can then determine the "place" 
(city, town, or Census Designated place) FIPS code associated with the
topological face that is bounded by a road edge. To get the name of the
"place", you then need to use the TIGER PLACE layers. However, many road
segments don't have road segments that fall into a "PLACE", so you need to
devise another strategy to deal with them.

All in all, working with TIGER data is not straight forward.


On 10/18/2011 09:24 AM, René Fournier wrote:
> Having imported the Edges shape files, I'm able to get quickly find the
closest street to a given latlng point (reverse-geocode). From this row, I
get the street name and house number ranges, and state (FIPS code) -- but
not the city name. Any suggestions on the best way to find the town/city?
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