[postgis-users] Tiger Geocoder: SELECT loader_generate_script( --all states -- , 'sh') ??

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They don't consolidate into same tables -  each state is put in a separate
table in tiger_data schema, which inherit from the similarly named tables in
tiger schema.

So for example

In tiger_data you will see

ri_edges, ri_county  etc.

Which inherit from the tables in 


So although the code references the parent tables, the paraent table have no
data in them.  This is to allow further partitioning or consolidation
without having to rewrite the code.  Also allows for easier maintenance
(which is our primary reason for breaking it up this way) since to replace a
state table, you can take it offline by uninheriting it and then put it back
when you are done making changes with inherit.  You can also in hteroy do
parallel state loads with this model more easily and put your favorite
states on faster disks.

As far as short-hand for all states.  You could do 

SELECT loader_generate_script(ARRAY(SELECT abbrev FROM state_lookup ORDER BY
abbrev), 'windows');

That still isn't perfect since you get duplicate path settings in each
script.  We had designed it that way with the idea of being able to
parallelly load the states, but the tear down of the staging schema makes
that not work quite right. It wouldn't require too much effort to change,
but probably not that badly needed by most people especially if you have
slow netowrk speed or just single data disk drive.

If you are interested, put in a ticket for an ALL States option that will
create just one script with all states.


Put it under the component tiger_geocoder

And it will be assigned to me.



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	SELECT loader_generate_script(ARRAY['DC','RI'], 'windows');

returns a shell script that will wget the Tiger data for the states of DC
and Rhode Island. And, aside from a couple small bugs, works very well. I
was wondering if there were a shorthand for generating a shell script that
will fetch ALL STATES?

On a related note: These scripts appear to consolidate all the states into
the same tables -- I was wondering if splitting them up into separate
state-specific tables would improve performance? Anyone try it?


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