[postgis-users] simplify a geom, and now what??

Gery . gamejihou at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 2 10:13:07 PDT 2012

I'm really amazed by such basic question, sorry for this but I don't find the answer, this is, I simplified a table like this:

select transform(simplify(transform(rawgeom,2249),50),4326) as smoothedgeom from rawnav_line_wgs84 ;

I suppose now it looks like I want, however no idea how to save this as another table, so I did:

select astext(transform(simplify(transform(rawgeom,2249),50),4326)) as smoothedgeom from rawnav_line_wgs84 ;

but this didn't help in the way I want.

What I'm looking for is to save the smoothedgeom as a new table, then put it as a shape and then kml. The shape/kml process is easy, I did it before, but put the smoothedgeom as a new table is new for me, how could I do this??

Thanks for any help,
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