[postgis-users] Importing timezone shape files - newbie

Scott Chapman scott at mischko.com
Thu Apr 5 10:05:13 PDT 2012

What does that mean in use?  I'm not familiar with this stuff yet. :)

On Thu, Apr 5, 2012 at 9:41 AM, Nicolas Ribot <nicolas.ribot at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Can someone explain the difference between the two types of shape
>> files and the advantages/disadvantages of each in more general terms?
> As far as I understandd from http://efele.net/maps/tz/world/:
> "and a TZ timezone will sometimes have multiple polygons. " for the
> first file, and
> " and there is a single geometry for each TZ timezone" for the second one.
> The big shapefile contains one multipolygon by timezone and by
> country, the small one contains one polygon for each part of a country
> (islands for instance) for each timezone, thus the count difference .
> nicolas
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