[postgis-users] Importing timezone shape files - newbie

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It's greyed out if you don't have a database selected.  As long as your
has postgis installed, it should work fine.

Regarding world files as I recall, I think the 394 one has one record per
TZ, and the other has further broken out.

I usually use the 28,000 one for spatial queries since its a bit more
efficient because it has smaller polygons.

Good luck :)


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> Hi all,
> I'm using PG 9.1.3 with pgAdmin 1.14.2 on Windows 7 Home 
> Edition to get familiar with PostGIS and TimeZone data.
> PostGIS 1.5.3 is installed and the postgis database was 
> created by the installer.
> My immediate end goal is to be able to take a Lat/Lon and 
> query PG to find the correct time zone for the location.
> I installed the "PostGIS Shapefile and DBF loader" plugin in 
> pgAdmin but it is greyed out in the Plugins menu.
> I found this site with the shape files:
> http://efele.net/maps/tz/world/
> It has two shape files:
> "The tz_world shapefile captures the boundaries of the TZ 
> timezones across the world, as of TZ 2011b. The geometries 
> are all POLYGONs, and a TZ timezone will sometimes have 
> multiple polygons. There are about 28,000 rows.
> The tz_world_mp shapefile captures the same boundaries. The 
> geometries are either POLYGONs or MULTIPOLYGONs, and there is 
> a single geometry for each TZ timezone. There are 394 rows."
> First question is, Which shape file to use.  I don't 
> understand the difference between the two and the merits of each.
> Secondly, clues on how to import this data correctly.
> Any other pointers are welcome!  I'm not sure yet, how to do 
> the SQL to make the query.
> Thanks!
> Scott
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