[postgis-users] Severe shapefile upload issues

Paragon Corporation lr at pcorp.us
Fri Apr 6 17:12:53 PDT 2012

One other thought.  It's possible you have the search_path set for postgres
in your database.  I think that features was introduced in postgresql 9.0 or
9.1.  Can't recall.

So for example in my database, I have a setting like this:

ALTER ROLE postgres IN DATABASE mygisdb SET search_path="$user", master,
postgis, public,  contrib;

Because when I log in as postgres, I want postgres to hit the master schema
(which all the project schemas inherit from), but the application user
hits the project schema instead.
So you might want to try this to wipe out any db specific postgres user
search path setting you have.

ALTER ROLE postgres IN DATABASE mygisdb RESET search_path;

Regarding the missing transform in loader GUI -- just put in a ticket
request enhancement under dumper/loader for that one:


hope that helps,

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> Everything imports fine if I do not use the transform. I 
> would also point out that the srid conversion functionality 
> is missing in the shapefile/dbf loader GUI in pgadmin as 
> there is no box for convert srid. 
> As to my path issues, if I do not change my user path 
> addgeometrycolumn fails.
> I used: 
> ALTER ROLE postgres RESET search_path; 
> and it yielded the function does not exist error. When I 
> changed it back it worked fine again. 
> From what I can tell, set search_path to seems to only affect 
> the database temporarily for the given session. The reason 
> why it seems to be failing is because in order to execute an 
> query involving postgis one would need to run "set 
> search_path to postgis,..." in a preceding query in the same 
> session in order for it to take, whereas if you change the 
> users path it sets the path permanently.
> It seems to fail differently on different systems as well. 
> For example, if I do not change the user path on my windows 
> postgres I cannot even use  postgis_full_version() but this 
> works fine on my linux install without altering my user path. 
> In pg_db_role_setting there is originally no data for the 
> user search path.
> When I add a user search path I get back:
> "{"search_path=public, postgis"}"
> When I reset the role it simply deletes the entry again and 
> processes begin to fail.
> Is there  a way to permanently set the database search path 
> without changing the user's search path?
> Thanks,
> THX1138
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