[postgis-users] How to design a database for continents, countries, regions, cities and POIs?

Andrea Peri aperi2007 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 06:05:06 PDT 2012

>My question is how to design database for this system? I was thinking of 2
>tables polygons and points, but I'm not sure if it's good way of thinking.

we chhose by desing to use two table for the geometries (lines and
And many tables to link the geometries inside these two tables.
The two tables with geometries was called ""elementary_lines" (arcs) and
"soil" (polygons).

The main rule is that every element of the "elementary lines" is a linear
object and it is also a segment on the boundary of one or two element
polygons of the "soil" .
Another rule is that the "soil" will give a "full cover of the soil". And
every point has one and only one polygon to cover it.

Every object of the "elementary lines" and of the "soil" as an unique
alphanumeric universal identifier.
It allow to have others table without geometry that allow to have distinct
and specific attributes for every specific kind of object.

This choice was need to grant a full topology for all the objects of the db.

Also we develope a profile of "GML topological" to allow the exchange of
out database.

Andrea Peri
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