[postgis-users] Shp2pgsql-gui, Save to schema other than public?

Ryan Dalton ryankdalton at gmail.com
Tue Apr 17 08:29:55 PDT 2012

I see that I can run the command "ALTER TABLE [name] SET SCHEMA
[new_schema]" via SQL, is this what you are referring to?  Or are you
suggesting an alternate way to "manually edit the schema" within the
GUI that I must not be seeing...?



Did you try to edit manually the name of the shema ? That should be ok
and you can do the same to set the table name, geometry column and



I just got PostGIS 2.0 installed and was using the Shp2pgsql-gui to
load some shapefiles into the database.  I have created a 'data'
schema where I was planning to store all of my imported data, but when
I use the shapefile import GUI, it does not appear as though there is
an option to specify which schema to load the data into, and it just
goes into 'public'.

Is it possible to load to an alternate schema, and am I just missing
something obvious?  Maybe a future feature enhancement if not?


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