[postgis-users] Restrict values entered in a shapefile in postgis/postgres

MaheshKrishnan maheshkrishnan.ranganathan at gisbiz.com
Thu Apr 19 03:10:48 PDT 2012

Hi All,


I am new to this so forgive me if the question is stupid.


I am trying to migrate my companies GIS production to PostGIS/postGres SQL.
We were using ESRI File Geodatabase with SDE before this.


So the problem is I want to restrict the values that can be entered in a
specific column of a specific shape file but haven't been able to do it.


For example if there is a shapefile called Hydro_points and it has an
attribute column call Hydro_type I want only the values 1, 2 or 3 to be
entered here.


That table should not accept any other values and if these 3 values can be
shown as a drop down box even better. We plan on using QGIS to do the
production and I have gone through every inch of setting available in
pgadmin III as well


Please help,





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