[postgis-users] One-click installer or building from the source code (postgresql)

Melpati, Muni Muni.Melpati at dot.state.fl.us
Wed Apr 25 07:46:10 PDT 2012

I am new postgresql and PostGIS. We are conducting feasibility study of using Postgresql and postGIS and/or SDE.
Our business requires using raster data and Esri and postgis geodatabase. Currently, we are using ArcSDE over Oracle to store raster data and vector data.
We also have web applications that consume data from the ArcSDE.

As part of feasibility study I would like to know the difference between using one-click installer and building from the source code for postgresql installation.
I learnt that building from the source code is for user who are interested in building postgresql. I am under impression that we are only going to use postgresql is for mainting geodatabase.
Most likely we would be using ArcSDE over postGIS and Postgressql as it offers flexibility. Do you think having the ability to build postgresql would help in maintaining geodatabase in Postgresql?
What is the best method of installing Postgresql? Also Can you share if you have documentation of previous studies on using this combination of these software products?

Your information is greatly appreciated.

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