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not clear...

1) if you have 4 polygons in 4 rows table distinct, this is not a multi 
object issu. for  this case use
  dissolve to group polygone into only one, this is not a topic of dump.

2) if you have 1 geometry and 1 row on the tablme, so this is a multi 
object topic
you must sperate the differents objet of the collection

here : http://www.postgis.org/docs/ST_GeometryN.html

--Extracting all geometries (useful when you want to assign an id)
SELECT gid, n, ST_GeometryN(the_geom, n)
FROM sometable CROSS JOIN generate_series(1,100) n
WHERE n<= ST_NumGeometries(the_geom);

best regards, julien

Le 26/04/2012 16:27, Mehmet Erkek a écrit :
> I have multipolygons which I would like to convert a single polygon. 
> is there a way to do this? please check the attached image. I tried 
> st_dump and afterwards st_union , but eventually I get a multipolygon 
> again, not polygon.
> *Mehmet Erkek***
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