[postgis-users] options to scaleout POSTGIS DATABASE

Pierluigi Santin santinpierluigi at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 28 13:15:36 PDT 2012

> If you can provide some more information about your requirements that might suggest a cleared focus on one tool or another.
> HTH,
> Greg Williamson

The ideal scenario is 2 identical servers sitting behind 1 ip adress. The user uses this ip as POSTGIS server and couldn't even know if its geodatabase service is server by 1 postgis or two or three (i used to work for a non gis app with oracle RAC and i thought it would be possible to do something similar with postgres+postgis).
I thought that pgpool II could do this for me, but I'm not aware how this could work with POSTGIS.I can also use a master server replicated (with postgres streaming replication) on a second server which is used only for querying but i want to know what happens if master dies. Does the replica become a new master trasparently for the clients or do they have to connect to a different ip?
The GIS data that i except to manage are 10gb in several tables. I also expect that the user wants to creare in the POSTGIS server new geographic tables.
Thanks for any advice!!! 		 	   		  
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