[postgis-users] Rasterize a vector

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Thu Aug 2 10:28:11 PDT 2012

Il 02/08/2012 19:23, Neil Best ha scritto:
> Paolo, were you able to get something working satisfactorily?  
not in PG
> If I read the
> thread correctly you wanted a separate raster output for each geometry in
> the input.  I am more interested in the case of creating a raster coverage
> for a set of geometries, US counties for example, using an ID as the value. 
this was also my aim
> It sounds like this distinction is not important, rather there was a problem
> with the construction of any output from these two cases that prevented it
> from being read by GDAL.  Do I have that right?  What is the state of the
> art on this front?  I am reluctant to try it if it is going to involve
> repeated impact of my forehead and the wall.
from what I understood it is still far easier to do it outside the DB
(with GDALTools, GRASS, SAGA or similar).
heppy if I'm wrong.
All the best.

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