[postgis-users] How Do I Install PostGIS on Upgraded PostgreSQL?

Bronson Arbitrario bronson.arbitrario at commuterama.com
Fri Aug 31 06:23:18 PDT 2012

Two years ago, I successfully installed the PostGIS extension with
PostgreSQL version 8.4 (EnterpriseDB) on Mac OSX.

Recently, I installed the newer PostgreSQL version 9.1 using EnterpriseDB.
However, I am having issues with installing PostGIS. I tried using the
Application Stack Builder with EnterpriseDB. And, I tried using the mac OSX
binary developed by William Kyngesburye (postgis download page). Both, are
not working.

Is the previous install (PostgreSQL 8.4) interfering with the installation
of PostGIS with PostgreSQL 9.1? Do I need to change a setting on my
computer to get the PostGIS to install on the PostgreSQL 9.1?

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