[postgis-users] a long time calculate distance between point and polygon

Francisco Salas fsalas at pinar.geocuba.cu
Wed Dec 5 13:32:18 PST 2012


I have test in two database one with SRID 2085 an other 4326 use this sql  

pozos : 2339 rows 

suelos:1526 rows

for 2085 :   

select * from pozos p,suelos s where st_distance(p.the_geom,s.the_geom)


time of result : 3 minutes aprox    


for 4326 :   

select * from pozos p,suelos s where st_distance(p.the_geom,s.the_geom,true)


time of result : not determined   

Why happen this problem?  

How I can optimize this?  

I am using PostGis 1.5.2




Francisco Salas 


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