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Interesting thread here, working with this myself right now. 

I can see how it could easily become daunting though.  I started from scratch in the cloud, and set up Ubuntu and Postgres.  Been working with it for a month now, and all seems to be working nicely.  Sort of in the performance tuning learning curve at the moment.   

I have some slight interest in this PostGIS as a service conversation.  I'm wondering about what a Service like PostGIS in the cloud might be worth to folks if it existed.  What should it look like as well, my personal preference would be to have control of the underlying OS (Ubuntu in my case) since there are numerous performance settings required.  Also, the Cloud offereings are many and varied as far a performance goes. 

I guess in the end, it comes down to what you are willing to pay for, and then work backwards from that. 


>>> Greg Militello <junk at thinkof.net> wrote:


I have not seen much support for PostgreSQL in the cloud.  For some reason the cloud offerings tend to say things like "it may be offered soon" and then only offer MySQL.   If the cloud offering allows you to build your own software you should be okay. 

As for performance, it depends on your needs.  "Serious geocoding" is a bit vague.  Its something you will likely have to play with a bit before you can come to any conclusions.   

I have been playing around with Pagodabox a bit, they seem like they can scale as much as I could need, but lack PostgreSQL support of any kind (So postgis is also out). 

On Mar 12, 2012, at 11:27 AM, Eric Aspengren wrote: 

I have a couple of questions about getting some server space on the cloud. 


1) anybody have any luck with this? 

2) are the servers fast enough to do serious geocoding and such? 

3) any recommendations? 

4) what about PostGIS 2.0? anybody planning to support that/already supporting the Beta?

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