[postgis-users] Are there any Ubuntu PPAs that serve PostGIS 2.0 beta releases?

Bborie Park bkpark at ucdavis.edu
Wed Mar 14 13:08:18 PDT 2012

On 03/14/2012 01:00 PM, Charlie Sharpsteen wrote:
> On Wednesday, March 14, 2012 8:44:16 AM UTC-7, Charlie Sharpsteen wrote:
>> On Wednesday, March 14, 2012 8:40:22 AM UTC-7, Charlie Sharpsteen wrote:
>>> It does look like a GDAL upgrade to 1.9 would be a good idea though if
>>> the final version will require it. I have plenty of experience building
>>> this stuff from maintaining most of the GIS stack for the Homebrew package
>>> manager on OS X. Entirely new to Debian packaging though, so that will slow
>>> me down quite a bit.
>>> -Charlie
>> Actually, after re-reading the installation notes, it doesn't look like
>> GDAL 1.9 is mandatory---just that GDAL>= 1.6 will be mandatory once
>> PostGIS 2.0 is released.
>> -Charlie
> Allright, took a few jabs at this and here is what I have found so far:
>    - Without GEOS 3.3.2, PostGIS must be configured `--without-topology` so
> this definitely knocks out a big chunk of 2.0 functionality.
>    - 2.0.0beta2 can compile against the dependencies supplied for PostGIS
> 1.5.x via `apt-get build-dep postgis` with the addition of GDAL 1.7.0 via
> `apt-get install libgdal1-dev`. However, 2.0.0beta3, released today, and
> the current SVN head fail during configure:
> RASTER: Raster support requested
> checking for GDAL>= 1.6.0... found
> checking gdal.h usability... yes
> checking gdal.h presence... yes
> checking for gdal.h... yes
> checking ogr_api.h usability... yes
> checking ogr_api.h presence... yes
> checking for ogr_api.h... yes
> checking cpl_conv.h usability... yes
> checking cpl_conv.h presence... yes
> checking for cpl_conv.h... yes
> checking for GDALAllRegister in -lgdal... no
> configure: error: could not find gdal
> This is odd, because running nm against the libraries shows that the symbol
> is there:
> vagrant at vagrant-64:~/postgis-2.0.0beta3$ nm --dynamic
> /usr/lib/libgdal1.7.0.so | grep GDALAllRegister
> 000000000021a820 T GDALAllRegister
> Don't know if this is a bug in the latest beta, or a problem with Ubuntu's
> GDAL 1.7.0 libraries. Any advice would be appreciated.

I'd call it a bug in Ubuntu's GDAL.  If you called

gdal-config --libs

the output is

-L/usr/lib -lgdal1.7.0

which is something special for the debian/Ubuntu packages.  It probably 
is so that you can have multiple GDAL library packages.

I just fixed this earlier today (after Beta3 got released) for someone 
on IRC.  Try r9499.


Bborie Park
Center for Vectorborne Diseases
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