[postgis-users] Postgis raster vs Tiff Files with MapSrver

Andrea Peri aperi2007 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 17 00:32:12 PDT 2012


I'm try-ing to test the usability & performance of postgis raster vs Tiff
Tiles and Overviewed Files with Mapserver trunk (6.2-dev).

To accesso the postgis raster I use the gdal 1.9.
And the postgis raster loaded are all with tiles (100x100) and overviewed.

The test is very hard for me because I'm pretty newbye on MapServer.
However after many days of try-ing I begin to see the first results.

And the result I'm having is that the Postgis raster on MapServer is more
slow of Tiff-Tiled.

I don't understand why but the same georef raster called on the mapserver
from a postgis-raster format take about 80 seconds to show.
Instead it take 10 seconds from a tiff tile.

The explain I guess is that MapServer (ggdal) calling from a postgis raster
do'nt take any advantage from the overviews.
Instead it take advantage from overview when call a file tiff.

Now I will go to try to understand the query that MapServer is using to
retry the postgis-raster.
I guess perhaps it is using a wrong query ...

Andrea Peri
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