[postgis-users] cross-database queries and choice of database configuration

Nicolas Ribot nicolas.ribot at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 05:53:33 PDT 2012

> Hi
> Postgres doesn't properly support cross-database queries but there seems to
> something called dblink
> I'm looking at constructing a database which will have a point data
> (customer locations, delivery records and other logistics info) but all the
> other data is open-source feature data - boundaries, roads, etc.
> I had hoped  to implement a structure witgh the feature data in one database
> and put my application-specific data in another - not least because it
> simplifies backups and so on. The feature data is very large and
> slow-to-change whereas the logistics data is much smaller and more dynamic.
> Is this a practical approach for postgis type queries or do I have to put it
> all in one database to get good querying flexibility?

I would definitely use one database, eventually separating data into
schemas. (but its only my opinion ;) )
For the backup, pg_dump allows you to backup only tables or schemas.
I think it would be easier to manage than 2 databases.


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