[postgis-users] problem with restoring database postgis 2.0

John Callahan john.callahan at udel.edu
Thu Mar 22 16:14:28 PDT 2012

I having a problem with something that is usually straight forward. I am
moving a database from a Windows 2003 Server box to Windows 2008 Server.
 Both are x64 but running 32bit Postgres 9.0.7.  The new/destination
database runs the latest postgis 2.0 binaries (from March 19 or so) and the
source/older database runs postgis 2.0 libraries from a few months ago.

On the new db, I installed postgres 9.0.7, then postgis 2.0 latest build,
which created my database.  Of course, the database does not have any
tables at this point (just the functions, a few views.)

I run pg_dump on the source db as so:
pg_dump.exe --host localhost --port 5432 --username "username" --role
"myrole"  --format plain --data-only --verbose --file
"C:\temp\webdata_20120315.sql" "mydb"

When I try to run the resulting sql on the new server, I get the following
ERROR: relation <table_name> does not exist

If I use --inserts options in pg_dump, I still get the "relation does not
exist error"   If I use pgAdmin to backup and restore (using the tar
format), the error is the same.

What am I missing?   Thanks.

- John

John Callahan, Research Scientist
Delaware Geological Survey, University of Delaware
URL: http://www.dgs.udel.edu
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