[postgis-users] Installation problem with postgis-pg91-binaries-2.0.0beta4w32

feurbano at clix.pt feurbano at clix.pt
Thu Mar 29 06:34:11 PDT 2012

The file is there.
Thanks John for the suggestion, I finally solved my problem installing postgis 64
bit (with no problems).

On Qui Mar 29 11:25 , <feurbano at clix.pt> sent:

>Dear list,
>we are trying to install the latest available experimental binaries for windows
>We installed postgres 9.1 (32bit) and than run the installer file
>'makepostgisdb_using_extensions.bat' with the proper (hopefully) set.
>We get this error:
>"C:\Program Files (x86)\PostgreSQL\9.1\bin\psql"  -d "sam" -c "CREATE EXTENSION
>ERROR:  could not load library "C:/Program Files
>(x86)/PostgreSQL/9.1/lib/postgis-2.0.dll": The specified module could not be found.
>We are installing on a Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit and we have installed
>postgresql-9.1.3-1-windows.exe (32-bit)
>The file 'makepostgisdb_using_extensions.bat' look like this:
>REM this is an example of how to create a new db and spatially enable it using
>set PGPORT=5432
>set PGHOST=localhost
>set PGUSER=postgres
>set THEDB=sam
>REM PGINSTALL=C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.1
>set PGINSTALL=C:\Program Files (x86)\PostgreSQL\9.1
>xcopy bin\*.* "%PGBIN%"
>xcopy /I /S bin\postgisgui\* "%PGBIN%\postgisgui"
>xcopy /I plugins.d "%PGADMIN%\plugins.d"
>xcopy lib\*.* "%PGLIB%"
>xcopy share\extension\*.* "%PGINSTALL%\share\extension"
>xcopy /I share\contrib\postgis-%POSTGISVER%
>"%PGBIN%\psql"  -d "%THEDB%" -c "CREATE EXTENSION postgis;"
>"%PGBIN%\psql"  -d "%THEDB%" -c "CREATE EXTENSION postgis_topology;"
>REM Uncomment the below line if this is a template database
>REM "%PGBIN%\psql" -d "%THEDB%" -c "UPDATE pg_database SET datistemplate = true
>WHERE datname = '%THEDB%';GRANT ALL ON geometry_columns TO PUBLIC; GRANT ALL ON
>spatial_ref_sys TO PUBLIC"
>"C:/Program Files (x86)/PostgreSQL/9.1/lib/postgis-2.0.dll" is where it is
>supposed to be.
>Any suggestion?
>Thanks a lot

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