[postgis-users] FYI: Solution to Using PostGIS in ArcGIS.

Birgit Laggner birgit.laggner at vti.bund.de
Wed Nov 7 01:40:47 PST 2012


we work with ArcGIS 10.1, now, and since, we don't need ArcSDE for 
communication with PostgreSQL db and PostGIS geometries. If you install 
special db client libraries for PostgreSQL, you are able to create a 
direct database connection to the PostgreSQL database and to directly 
im- and export data between ArcGIS and PostgreSQL. We have not much 
improved our testing because we are waiting for SP1 for ArcGIS 10.1 
(which should support PostgreSQL 9.1.3 and PostGIS 2.0) and the 
installation of our new PostgreSQL server, so e.g. I can't say which 
ArcGIS licence level you would need...

For further information see:

PostgreSQL database requirements for ArcGIS 10.1:

Setting up a connection to PostgreSQL:



Am 07.11.2012 09:25, schrieb Paolo Corti:
> On Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 7:39 AM, Robert Buckley<robertdbuckley at yahoo.com>  wrote:
>> Hi,
>> just my 2Cents..ArcGIS is now realising that there is a great need for
>> FOSSGIS interfaces within the ESRI Architecture. If you have ArcSDE and
>> ArcEditor (only a few 10s of thousands) you can work with PostgreSQL and
>> PostGIS dbs.
>> Other than that, there may be some opensource plugins or extentions that you
>> may be able to test.
>> http://gis.stackexchange.com/questions/147/how-can-i-connect-to-a-postgis-database-from-arcmap-9-3-and-10-0
>> http://www.paolocorti.net/2008/06/06/spatial-database-for-postgres-and-arcgis-users-how-to-choose/
> Hello Robert
> please be aware that zigGIS was discontinued (the posted links are
> very old) [1].
> In any case, the source code has always been around [2] and I think it
> should be quiete easy to adapt it to work to latest ArcGIS versions.
> regards
> p
> [1] https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/ziggis/FK6KNRVk3p4
> [2] http://code.google.com/p/ziggis/
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