[postgis-users] intersecting and exporting

Seb spluque at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 05:47:44 PST 2012

On Fri, 9 Nov 2012 08:34:07 +0100,
"Francois Hugues" <hugues.francois at irstea.fr> wrote:

> Hello, To plot this in a gis you don't really need to export it you
> can add a query layer in most of the gis software : - openjump :
> layer/sql query - qgis : layer/new postgis layer - arcgis : file/add
> data/add query layer

> You can directly use your intersection query or select * from subset1

Thanks, I investigated qgis right after posting the question, and
understood that this is exactly what "add PostGIS layer" does.  However,
I cannot load these intersection queries that I created as views.  Only
the imported GSHHS multipolygons (e.g. gshhs_c_l1) actually load.  Just
after connecting to the database, the "type" and "geometry column"
columns for these intersection views in the "add PostGIS table(s)"
dialog have been showing "waiting" for the last 5 hours, so can't
actually add them.  Additionally, the postgres process is pegged at 25%
of my CPU since then.  If I drop the generated views, then nothing shows
"waiting" in the dialog, and can load the imported GSHHS world coastline
fine...  The intersections represent a very small subset of one of the
polygons (a single object), so I am suprised.


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