[postgis-users] OpenSource project MyGeoCloud ties PostGIS, MapServer, TileCache and OpenLayers together

martin hoegh mhoegh at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 23:37:09 PST 2012

Hi Steve and thanks for checking out my project and giving suggestions!

1. There is now a default main.php in conf/
2. You didn't miss it. And you are right, I've not yet got around to
write docs. But I'll soon.
3. I've started to look at TinyOWS and MapCache. Right now I using my
home brewed WFS-T implementation in PHP, so there is on installation
requirements regarding that. But on the other side implementing wfs-t
is no trivial task and I looking at TinyOWS for a replacement or
alternative option. TileCache is used for tile caching and a hacked
version is included in the source tree (You just need to install the
required additional Python libs). I had to alter it a bit, so it would
support multiple configuration files. MapServer is used for tile
rendering through PHP-MapScript and only 5.x is supported. I've just
finished testing with PostGIS 2.x and I'll very soon start testing
with MapServer 6.x

Best regards

On Thu, Nov 15, 2012 at 3:02 AM, Stephen Woodbridge
<woodbri at swoodbridge.com> wrote:
> On 11/14/2012 1:59 PM, martin hoegh wrote:
>> MyGeoCloud.com is an OpenSoure project and a web service. It offers
>> geospatial storage, WMS and WFS-T services for accessing data and
>> transactions. Besides that it offers a built-in web mapping client and
>> online editing of data. But MyGeoCloud is also a platform on which you
>> can build your own location based web applications using a JavaScript
>> API.
>> The core component of MyGeoCloud is the PostGIS database software,
>> which is used for storage and geospatial operations. MapServer is used
>> for map rendering and for tile caching TileCache is used. OpenLayers
>> is used for the web map clients. The WFS-T service is implemented in
>> the code base.
>> The goal is a all-in-one solution for storage, geospatial operations,
>> geospatial web services and web mapping.
>> Test the project here: http://beta.mygeocloud.com/ and get the source
>> code here: https://github.com/mhoegh/MyGeoCloud
>> /Martin
> Hi Martin,
> This looks like a very impressive endeavor. I will give it a try shortly.
> While browsing through some of the code on github, I noticed a few things:
> 1. you reference to installing it say to edit conf/main.php but it is not in
> github so it is a little hard to edit it.
> 2. it may have missed it, but I did not see any documentation. Since this is
> a new project your focus has probably been getting it ready for release. I
> hope you will have some time to put together some basic documentation, like
> installation, configuration, what are the major modules, how do they
> communicate, etc.
> 3. With MapServer 6.2, you also have TinyOWS WFS-t and mapcache all in one
> package which might simplify installation and configuration in the future if
> it was wasy to migrate to or also support these as an option.
> Anyway, please take this as suggestions for enhancements, and they should
> not take away from the huge effort that I can see you have already put into
> building this. This is VERY cool!
> Thank you and best regards,
>   -Steve W
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