[postgis-users] How to properly set up Group privileges using PGAdmin III

Mark Volz MarkVolz at co.lyon.mn.us
Wed Nov 21 08:02:50 PST 2012


I am trying to figure out how to give read permissions to all the tables (both current and future) for a group in a particular database.   Currently I have done the following:

Database: added connect permissions to the group
Public schema: added USAGE privileges to the group
Table(s) :  added SELECT privileges to the group

By doing this I can now open up tables by using an account that is in the limited User group.  I would like to set up PostGIS / PostGRES so that this group automatically has permissions to any table that is added to the database in the future.   It is my understanding that I would need to edit the Default Privileges.  Unfortunately, I only see Public in the Role / Group dropdown box.

1) Why do I only see the public group under default privileges?
2) What is the proper way to give a group read only permissions to all the tables ( current and future) to a group in either a particular database and or schema?
3) I eventually plan on adding an Editors group.  I assume they will have the same permissions with the addition of INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE
4) I also eventually plan on adding a publishers group.  I assume that they will need the Create and usage privileges?


p.s.  Sorry for all the newbie questions

Mark Volz
GIS Specialist

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