[postgis-users] Pushing all the shapefiles into the Postgres

Smaran Harihar smaran.harihar at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 11:04:13 PST 2012

Hi Guys,

I have been working with lots of shapefiles and hosting them on the
Geoserver (around 8k). Now the Geoserver is completely stalled and fetching
the data is almost not possible. I have installed the complete OpenGeo
Suite and till now have not played with the PostGIS. I guess adding the
shapefiles to the PostGIS will surely speed up the process.

The problem is I am new to PostGIS, so can someone share some ideas where I
should begin and how I can add the shapefiles to the PostGIS database.

Thanks & Regards
Smaran Harihar
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