[postgis-users] upload a folder of raster files

Nicolas Ribot nicolas.ribot at gmail.com
Mon Sep 3 04:49:28 PDT 2012


A loop written in a script language (don't what platform you're using)
should to that pretty easily.


On 3 September 2012 12:12, Giannis Giakoumidakis
<ggiakoumidakis at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I want to upload to a db a big number of raster files, pe 500, inside a
> folder, named in a row (file_1 to file_500), each one to a different table.
> Any ideas? A loop or something of the basic: raster2pgsql -s 4236 -I -C -M
> file_1.tif -F -t public.demelevation | psql -d gisdb
> Note that using wildcard (*.tif) doesn't help, I tried but it uploads all
> files in one table as different rows.
> My sql knowledge is bad, so any help would be precious. Thanks.
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