[postgis-users] field type "public.geometry"

Phil Hurvitz phurvitz at uw.edu
Thu Sep 20 14:54:24 PDT 2012

Hi, one of our users has some tables that show geometry fields as type 
"public.geometry," e.g.,

                   Column                  |       Type       | Modifiers
  ogc_fid                                  | integer          | not null
  the_geom                                 | public.geometry  |

whereas they used to have more "normal" types, e.g.,

                  Column            |          Type           | Modifiers
  ogc_fid                           | integer                 |
  the_geom                          | geometry(Geometry,2926) |

I don't know what might have caused this; the data in the field do not 
seem to have changed, but the field as it is has limited functionality. 
Can someone suggest a fix? Thanks,


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