[postgis-users] add custom epsg

Andy Colson andy at squeakycode.net
Thu Dec 19 10:04:52 PST 2013

2) I'm aware of the PostGIS tables but I'm pretty sure ogr2ogr isn't 
using them.

1) Sweet!  That's what I was looking for.  The proj was, obviousely, in 
proj format, not wkt, which is all I had.  But gdalsrsinfo was able to 
create a proj definition which I added to /usr/share/proj/epsg, and then 
it ran.

Thank you much.


On 12/19/2013 11:43 AM, Greg Allensworth wrote:
> 1.
> The GDAL/OGR tools use PROJ to do the reprojection, and PROJ knows about
> projections, via its "epsg" file. On Unix systems this is something
> like:  /usr/share/proj/epsg
> Pop it open, and you'll see that the format is quite easy to follow.
> Paste in a new pair of lines, and that SRS is now recognized by ogr2ogr.
> 2.
> PostGIS does not use the PROJ epsg file, but instead the spatial_ref_sys
> DB table. This lists projections available to PostGIS, and if you do a
> SELECT there you should find the rows easy to understand: srid (103782),
> authority (EPSG), the SRS in both PROJ format and WKT format, ... Simply
> insert a row here and PostGIS will support that SRS.
> I hope that helps!
> On 12/19/2013 9:12 AM, Andy Colson wrote:
>> I know this isn't directly a postgis question, I'm kinda hoping someone
>> will know anyway.
>> I'm trying to import a File.gdb into postgis, but the projection its in
>> seems to be unknown.
>> I'm using ogr2ogr to do the conversion (and all my scripts are already
>> setup to use it, so I'd rather not change to shp2pgsql), and I'm getting
>> this error:
>> ERROR 6: EPSG PCS/GCS code 103782 not found in EPSG support files.  Is
>> this a valid EPSG coordinate system?
>> The data is for Steele MN, and this does seem to be a thing:
>> http://edndoc.esri.com/arcims/9.2/elements/pcs.htm#103782
>> so how can I get ogr2ogr (ogrinfo, testepsg, etc) to use it?
>> Thanks for your time,
>> -Andy
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