[postgis-users] Feature request: projection parameter as PROJ-string (not only as EPSG number

Jan Hartmann j.l.h.hartmann at uva.nl
Mon Feb 18 06:33:43 PST 2013

Hi all,

Would it be possible to extend functions as st_transform with a version, 
where the second parameter is not an EPSG-number but a full PROJ-string? 
I work a lot with old maps for which I know te projection parameters, 
but these are not available in the official EPSG database. With 
mapserver and the gdal utilities I can specify the complete 
PROJ4-string, but with PostGIS I have to extend the geometry_columns 
table and use a user defined EPSG-number. That is troublesome when there 
are many projections, but worse, I cannot share them with other 
databases without adapting their geometry_colums tables too.

I guess this would need quite a lot of adaptations within the POSTGIS 
code, although they would technically not be very difficult. The project 
would be fundable, but do you think it can and should be done for PostGIS?

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