[postgis-users] point_ops with GiST PostGIS Spatial Index

BladeOfLight16 bladeoflight16 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 5 11:28:36 PDT 2013

I posted this question on StackOverflow, and the only person to answer
recommended I ask these lists for more details and link to the question:

My question is:

The 9.0 release
PostgreSQL states the following change:

Add point_ops operator class for GiST (Teodor Sigaev)

This feature permits GiST indexing of point columns. The index can be used
for several types of queries such as point <@ polygon (point is in
polygon). This should make many PostGIS queries faster.

I have a very large table (millions of rows) with a
GEOMETRY(POINT,[SRID])column that I sometimes compare to polygons. Do
I need to do anything to
enable this when creating the index? Do I have to use the operator
indicated, or would this work with
&& internally?
Thanks for any help.
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