[postgis-users] PostGIS as a solution for non-geographic x-y or temporal data ?

Rémi Cura remi.cura at gmail.com
Mon Aug 25 01:45:51 PDT 2014

You want to map your dimension
(time, note_pitch) to (X,Y) ?

It seems really difficult to achieve if for instance you would consider a C
and a C up an octave closer than a C and a D.

And if you consider
(time,note_pitch) to (X=time, Y = [A-G], Z = [1-8]) ,
Lot's of function in postgis doesn't work well with Z.

Moreover, distance between geometry (serei of not ein your case) in postgis
are rather limited to
_what you can come up with
(you could use R to create your own distances)

I'm not an expert but lots of work in GIS rearch is devoted to time serie,
mainly GPS trace (X,Y,Z,timestamp).
It seems that Grass GIS has a module for it :


2014-08-21 16:58 GMT+02:00 Lee R <sregdoreel at gmail.com>:

> I've been studying the use of SQL to achieve the equivalent of FP-Growth
> pattern discovery of musical motifs. I'm using a rainbow table of
> 3.4million note vector trigrams (-88 to 88 for note vectors on a piano) to
> make this work. However I find that for the capabilities I want, this
> method is a bit rigid even if it's as fast as other loop&seek methods, some
> which allow weak matching.
> However I am thinking of instead using R in conjunction with PostGIS
> geometric queries instead, with the goal of exploiting various features in
> PostGIS to analyze musical compositions, such as finding similar line
> segments and so on.
> Anyone know of any work on using GIS vector data as a solution for
> multidimensional time-series analysis of temporal datasets?
> Thanks in advance,
> Lee Rodgers
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