[postgis-users] Adding Raster Extent Constraint

David Haynes haynesd2 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 17 07:12:33 PDT 2014


I am having a problem adding in the raster extent constraint on some of my
rasters. My project uses world extent datasets. The problem that we have
noticed is that many of these rasters have data that extends further than
the defined world. Therefore if a dataset's extent may end up being
-180.00001 90.000002 which doesn't exist. We have been trying to account
for this by removing cells at various extents, but we are running into a
problem with the MODIS data in a sinusoidal projection.

When trying to run AddRasterConstraints(gis_rasters'::name,
'modis_igbp'::name, 'rast'::name)
We essentially fail, because we can not add the extent.

I was looking at an old ticket
http://trac.osgeo.org/postgis/ticket/2050 and can get a return on the
convexhull of the raster.
SELECT ST_AsText(ST_union(st_convexhull(rast))) FROM

However, this function returns false
SELECT _add_raster_constraint_extent('gis_rasters'::name,
'modis_igbp'::name, 'rast'::name)

How necessary is the extent constraint??
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