[postgis-users] Better storage strategy for 1 million tile of 50*50 pixels, 24 bands?

Rémi Cura remi.cura at gmail.com
Mon Mar 10 02:54:03 PDT 2014

Hey Dear List,

I would appreciate some advice about the best way to store my raster :

1 million tiles,
50*50 pixels each (1 m2 or less in real world), around 24 bands (mostly
,in db.

About half the pixels are empty, some tiles overlaps, but most are
regularly spaced.

I would query it mainly by localisation (intersects), and also based on id
of the tile.

The use would be fast visualisation with qgis (and latest gdal),
interpolation, classification, matching and so.

What is the best strategy?
1 table with many lines and indexes, indb,
1 table, out db
1 table, 1 line
multiple tables, heritage?

Thanks for inputs!

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