[postgis-users] soft upgrade 2.0.3 > 2.1.1

Paragon Corporation lr at pcorp.us
Tue Mar 18 17:23:52 PDT 2014

You migth want to wait til 2.1.2 is out which hopefully will be in next 2
weeks.   It has a couple of important geography fixes and also we changed
upgrade process to not drop aggregates unless absolutely necessary. ST_Union
agg did not change between 2.0 and 2.1 so no need to drop it.
Alternatively  you can edit the extension script in share/extension
and remove the following lines from it:
 basetype = geometry,
 sfunc = pgis_geometry_accum_transfn,
 stype = pgis_abs,
 finalfunc = pgis_geometry_union_finalfn
Then run as you did:
psql -c "ALTER EXTENSION postgis UPDATE TO '2.1.1';"
after you are done:
run this: (since script drops all aggs from extension as I recall )
 ALTER EXTENSION postgis ADD AGGREGATE ST_Union(geometry);
Hope that helps,


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Hi All, 

OS: centos 6.5
Postgres: 9.2.7
PostGIS: 2.0.3

We have recently finished cleaning up and consolidating apps/servers and
upgraded to postgres 9.2.7. Now that postgres is upgraded we decided to get
postgis upgraded as well; currently we are at 2.0.3. According to postgis
docs we can do the "soft upgrade" path, which sounds wonderful. We used
"create extension" for all our 2.0.3 databases.We are on centos 6.5 and I am
using yum to update the postgis packages. I did a quick test on a vm that
had a empty database and the postgis update went fine. After a little
research I figured it was time to run the process on our dev node. The steps

yum install postgis2_92 #2.1.1
psql -c "ALTER EXTENSION postgis UPDATE TO '2.1.1';"

The yum installed went fine but the "alter extension" failed with: 
ERROR:  cannot drop function st_union(geometry) because other objects depend
on it

It went on to list a few views that used that function. I tried dropping
those views but it just moved on to other views that had postgis functions
in them. Dropping all views is not worth it:) 

Does anyone know if soft upgrading from 2.0.3 > 2.1.1 is possible? Could it
be something in our setup that is stopping us from upgrading. Otherwise it
looks like a hard upgrade is in our future, and its hard to get excited
about that. 


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