[postgis-users] Evenly distributing a point set

Dave Barter dave at phased.co.uk
Mon Jan 26 00:28:21 PST 2015

> These points were created from a GPX file along a road journey so they crudely map to a line string  

"Map matching" is the term often used to describe the process of assigning noisy Gpx points to underlying road network.  

My problem is a bit more involved.

The GPX points represent the national cycle network in the UK. These points cover roads/tracks/paths and all sorts and as such I cannot really snap to map. Creating line strings from the points will possibly cause errors as well as I think there will be a lot of cases where the wrong points are joined. 

I think the safest method is to remove densely distributed points from the current set until they all have a KNN value of > X. This will not create a completely even distribution but will ensure that no points are created in the wrong place which may be the case with line interpolation. 

Can anyone help me with a query to do this?
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