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> I'm anxious to try postgis 2.2 (Visvalingam-Whyatt being the carrot for me).  From my Googling I'm under the impression that I can access multiple versions of postgis from a single instance of postgres. Am I correct?  

Yes.  I run multiple versions on a single instance all the time.



> When I build and install I don't think I need to change the prefix because things will go into 2.2 directories, correct? 

Correct.  The postgis.control file gets overwritten though, so last install becomes the default PostGIS install when you don't explicitly set a version and during database restore.



> And if my above understanding is correct, then my last question is when I create a new database how will I specify the postgis 2.2 extension rather than the existing version?


If PostGIS 2.2.0 is the last install you did, your new database would be 2.2.0 with 




If you don't want that, edit the postgis.control file in share/extension folder back to old version.


To explicitly state the version of PostGIS you want, you would do:




Replacing 2.1.8 with version you want.




>  Sorry, I realize these are pretty noob questions from a guy that's been using postgis for a long time...

No need to be sorry. Lots of things change in how to do things and it is hard to keep up with changes in both PostGIS and PostgreSQL for anybody.


> Thanks,

> Rich



> Richard W. Greenwood, PLS
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Hope that helps,






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