[postgis-users] Vertica Spatial support

Paragon Corporation lr at pcorp.us
Sat Sep 26 12:36:12 PDT 2015

>> Someone mentioned this on IRC because they were trying to use PostGIS
>> mindset of eventually porting to Vertica.

> That raises interesting licensing questions (assuming Vertica does not
> have a GPL-compatible license, which seems to be true).

I don't think there is any GPL issue here.  Sorry if I was unclear by the
word "port".  What the guy was interested in knowing was the portability of
his SQL statements and ease of copying data over to Vertica if he were to
choose that over PostGIS.

I think he noticed that Vertica and PostGIS/PostgreSQL  have similar looking
syntax and of course PostGIS being much cheaper to develop on.

The comment about Vertica having an ST_IsValidDetail function and geography
type is an interesting "Standard by defacto" behavior I am seeing a lot of
lately where different databases are copying each other even though the OGC
nor SQL/MM defines such things.


SQL Server had a geography -  Paul liked that - PostGIS followed and added
a geography type. I imagine Vertica thought the same and they created a
geography type.  So now we have a pseudo standard geography type thing
sprouting up in many places.

MySQL has massive parallels to PostGIS which I'm pretty sure they did not
get from OGC or SQL/MM like their ST_GeoHash function


SpatiaLite is so much like PostGIS that I'm tempted to rewrite my book and
call it SpatiaLite (aka PostGISLite)  In Action, with some minor changes
(okay kidding a bit).


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