[postgis-users] Vertica Spatial support

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Sat Sep 26 15:55:47 PDT 2015

"Paragon Corporation" <lr at pcorp.us> writes:

> I don't think there is any GPL issue here.  Sorry if I was unclear by the
> word "port".  What the guy was interested in knowing was the portability of
> his SQL statements and ease of copying data over to Vertica if he were to
> choose that over PostGIS.

Thanks.  That makes sense and I agree there is no issue.  I thought you
meant to compile postgis as an extension into Vertica.

> The comment about Vertica having an ST_IsValidDetail function and geography
> type is an interesting "Standard by defacto" behavior I am seeing a lot of
> lately where different databases are copying each other even though the OGC
> nor SQL/MM defines such things.

It's remarkable (and nice) that beyond-standard things seem to be the
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