[postgis-users] Is 2.1.8 stable?

Kiriakos Georgiou zebekias at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 03:17:51 PDT 2015


We recently upgraded from 32bit PostgreSQL 9.3.4 + PostGIS 2.1.2 to 64bit PostgreSQL 9.4.4 + PostGIS 2.1.8. All the required packages for PostGIS were upgraded to their latest versions. This is on Solaris 10 with the gcc that ships by sun (v3.x)

All went well, except when we did regression testing we noticed  a complex spatial query that goes from geometry to geography and back (with SRID changes along the way) was crashing PostgreSQL. We broke down that code to simpler pieces and it worked, but later we found other code that worked before that would crash the database backend process too.

Unfortunately our application is complex to the point that we haven't been able to distill the query down to something simple that I can open a ticket with. All I have are core dumps and my hunch that downgrading PostGIS might give some clues (if things go back to being stable.)

Any experiences with 2.1.8 with regards to stability that you can share? We haven't tested 2.1.5, I'll update on how that goes.


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