[postgis-users] TOPOLOGY St_remedgenewface strange behavior

christophe vergon christophevergon-girtec at orange.fr
Tue Apr 12 07:59:27 PDT 2016



I try to remove edges wich have left_face = 0 or right_face=0 and area of the other face is less than one m².


My request store this edges in a table : topo.tempface0


And after deleting edges: with p as (select edge_id FROM topo.tempface0)

SELECT st_remedgenewface('topo',edge_id FROM p);


I've 1978 EDges in the tempface0 Table.


After 4 hours only 490 edges are treated, and the time to remove a edge raise after each edge treated.


In the topo.edge_data table I've 180 000 Edges, and after 4 hours when I stop the request, I make a vaccum analyse, and the message said : 2 400 000 rows deleted in edge_id_idx !!!


I use the same way to remove edges wich have an area<1 and left_face<>0 AND right_face<>0, I'd treated 100 000 Edges in 45 mm ...


I use postgis 2.0


.... ?




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