[postgis-users] Borked PostGIS 2.2 Upgrade

P O'Toole P.OToole at uwyo.edu
Thu Aug 11 12:24:25 PDT 2016

> > Your SE question inspired me to write up a post which has some remedies in
the final section

> > http://blog.cleverelephant.ca/2016/08/postgis-upgrade.html

> Actually, your situation is rather uniquely terrible Lee, in that after
running your "upgrade" you seem to have no copy of the postgis.so library
left at all. So the hacks in my blog are not useful to you, as they assume
that at lest there's a new/old copy of the so file lying around.

The effort is appreciated regardless, Paul. Definitely saving the post in case I wind up needing it later.

- Patrick

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