[postgis-users] Stackbuilder binaries and out-of-db raster formats

Citterio, Michele mcit at geus.dk
Fri Jun 24 09:56:18 PDT 2016


I'm looking into out-of-db ESA Sentinel-2 imagery. The Windows binaries from Stackbuilder are compiled without support for the GDAL drivers JP2OpenJPEG and SENTINEL2. The latter actually requires gdal 2.1, but I could get going with just jp2 support in the meantime.

I assume Stackbuilder binaries will be compiled against gdal 2.1 starting from Postgis 2.3, but is there any plan to include more GDAL drivers, ideally all those included with the GDAL utilities from OSGeo4W? Of course they would need to be explicitly enabled using postgis.gdal_enabled_drivers.


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