[postgis-users] Stackbuilder binaries and out-of-db raster formats

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Yes stackbuilder PostGIS 2.3 will be compiled with GDAL 2.1 or later.
Whatever is the most stable release at time of PostGIS 2.3 will probably be
what we ship with.


No plans to include the below you mention.  However it really depends on the
extra baggage these introduce and if anyone is willing to fund our effort in
putting them in and packaging.


I haven't investigated the effort involved for these.  Two things that sway
our decisions.


1.        Is it a proprietary plugin - requiring signing some agreement with
a third party?  These we avoid like the plague.  (though we could provide
custom builds for people willing to pay the expense for us doing the work)

2.       Is it so popular that everyone is screaming about having it?

3.       Does it have extra dependency libraries?  If it does, someone has
to fund our efforts for this or it has to be really really really popular or
we have to (ourselves or one of our clients) need it.


The main thing with dependencies we have is that every additional dll
requires constant up keep and is a potential area of conflict with something
else we are shipping or that EDB is shipping.


If you are or know someone who is interested in funding this, you can write
me off-list (lr at pcorp.us <mailto:lr at pcorp.us> ).  






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I'm looking into out-of-db ESA Sentinel-2 imagery. The Windows binaries from
Stackbuilder are compiled without support for the GDAL drivers JP2OpenJPEG
and SENTINEL2. The latter actually requires gdal 2.1, but I could get going
with just jp2 support in the meantime.


I assume Stackbuilder binaries will be compiled against gdal 2.1 starting
from Postgis 2.3, but is there any plan to include more GDAL drivers,
ideally all those included with the GDAL utilities from OSGeo4W? Of course
they would need to be explicitly enabled using postgis.gdal_enabled_drivers.





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