[postgis-users] Postgres as cache and renderer for vector tile server

Peter Devoy peter at 3xe.co.uk
Mon Mar 21 08:59:14 PDT 2016

Hi all,

Has anyone here tried using Postgres as the caching layer in a vector tile

I need to set up a tile server and what I am thinking is have PostGIS cut up
geometries into GeoJSON vector tiles as requests come in and cache the JSON for
said requests in some other Postgres table(s) using a JSON/JSONB column. Then
just have a cron job or something set up to prune the cache table so that the
least frequently accessed tiles get removed.

I know there are existing vector tile server solutions but I would like to be
serving tiles in British National Grid rather than web mercator so they would
all need some hacking.  I also have reservations about their architecture --
I would rather not complicate my stack if Postgres can handle it.

Is it a dumb endeavour?

Kind regards


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