[postgis-users] geocoding failure

Sara Yurman syurman at spatialfocus.com
Fri Oct 14 05:46:20 PDT 2016

I have the tiger geocoder extension installed, and the tiger data loaded
for the state of Georgia.  I can get a reasonable response from the
geocode_intersection function, but geocode, geocode_address and
reverse_geocode always fetch 0 rows.

For example:

select geocode_intersection( 'Patterson Ave', 'Walnut St', 'GA',
'Scottdale', '30079', 1 );

Gives this (correct) result:


But this:

select * geocode_address( normalize_address( '312 Patterson Ave, Scottdale
GA 30079' ) );

Yields 0 rows.  I just get the header (addy, geomout, header).

Similarly,  I can get the coordinates for the intersection:

select st_astext( geomout ) from geocode_intersection( 'Patterson Ave',
'Walnut St', 'GA', 'Scottdale', '30079', 1

Results in:

"POINT(-84.265794 33.784524)"

   pprint_addy( r.addy[1]) as st1,
   pprint_addy(r.addy[2]) as st2,
   pprint_addy(r.addy[3]) as st3,
   array_to_string(r.street, ',') as cross_streets
   reverse_geocode( st_geomfromtext( 'POINT(-84.265794 33.784524)',
4269),true) as r

Gives me 0 rows again.

I'm doing something very wrong.  Any nudges in the correct direction much

Thanks in advance,

Sara Yurman, GISP
Spatial Focus, LLC
Geodata Architects
Office: (404) 378-0989
Fax:    (404) 806-6257
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