[postgis-users] pgsql2shp - question/problem

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Mon Oct 31 08:59:32 PDT 2016

Hi all,

I'm trying to reorder a shape file based on an attribute column using a 
sql query with an order by clause, but the resulting file always seems 
to be ordered by gid. Is pgsql2shp wrapping the sql query and re 
ordering it? Why?

shp2pgsql -s 4283 -d -D -N skip data/topo-2m/localities/aus25lgd_p.shp 
rawdata.aus25lgd_p | psql -U postgres -h localhost -p 5435 mydb

pgsql2shp -u postgres -h localhost -p 5435 -f a.shp mydb "select * from 
rawdata.aus25lgd_p order by population::integer desc"

$ dbfdump a | head
0:0:1:1:locality:GARY JUNCTION:5:0:BI000001:DJ00015139
0:0:2:2:locality:EVERARD JUNCTION:5:0:BI000001:DJ00015140
0:0:3:3:locality:NEALE JUNCTION:5:0:BI000001:DJ00015141
0:0:4:4:locality:POINT JAHLEEL:3:0:BJ000004:DJ00015142
0:0:5:5:locality:CAPE FLEEMING:3:0:BJ000004:DJ00015143
0:0:6:6:locality:SMOKY POINT:3:0:BJ000004:DJ00015144
0:0:7:7:locality:PURUMPENELLI POINT:3:0:BJ000004:DJ00015145
0:0:8:8:locality:RADFORD POINT:3:0:BJ000004:DJ00015146
0:0:9:9:locality:SOLDIER POINT:3:0:BJ000004:DJ00015147
0:0:10:10:locality:CAPE KEITH:3:0:BJ000004:DJ00015148

This is the order of the original shapefile.

I also tried to use mapserver's sortshp but the POPULATION field is 
character varying(7) so it does not do a numeric sort.

I'll give ogr2ogr a try, but it seems like if I give a sql query to 
pgsql2shp that it should not change it.


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