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Thanks Peter,

I managed to reach my goal using ST_LineInterpolatePoint. Starting from Start/End points, I add a new point along each linestring couple every meter until I get a significant offset (let's say 50 cm). Storing the resulting point allows to build lines from start to this new point for vizualization purposes. It's also necessary to consider that start/ending point come from digitization, which returns lines in a random way, important to adjust when using ST_LineInterpolatePoint.


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It is difficult to visualise the problem but perhaps some combination of ST_Difference and ST_Union could help you?

If the lines do not exactly overlap you could perhaps first grow all geometries using ST_Buffer, then use ST_Union on the result, then maybe use ST_ApproximateMedialAxis to get a line?

Good luck

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I would appreciate to get some suggestions to detect and convert semi-parallel linestring. I have Y shaped linestrings composed of two linestrings with a common part. My goal is to detect that there are two lines composing the Y trunk, merging them into a new one (or keeping only one of them) and placing a new node at the Y center, to get a result composed of three linestrings, one trunk and two branches. Lines have the same starting point at the bottom of the Y. 

I tried to use toTopogeom but this does not help so far as it does not create a topopology when lines are parallels and close (0,03 meters as an example).

Any idea to detect the parallel part would be appreciated.

Thanks !


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