[postgis-users] error while loading dat for tiger geocoder

David M. Kaplan david.kaplan at ird.fr
Tue Dec 19 03:49:34 PST 2017


I am in the process of setting up the tiger geocoder for use with 
addresses from the state of virginia. I am using PostgreSQL 9.3.20, 
postgis 2.2.2 and postgis_tiger_geocoder 2.2.2.

The state loader script (for linux shell) generates an SQL error towards 
the end of the script relating to the following line (line 210 in my 

${PSQL} -c "ALTER TABLE tiger_staging.VA_tabblock RENAME geoid10 TO 

The error it generates is:

ERROR:  relation "tiger_staging.va_tabblock" does not exist

I am under the impression that this error is harmless as at this stage 
the tiger_staging schema is empty because the function 
loader_load_staged_data() has already been run, but I want to make sure.

If this is indeed a harmless error, then why is this line in the script?


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